donderdag 17 oktober 2013

apparently out of nothing..

.. a proud and healthy looking male reindeer appears and keeps walking in front of us in that typical light swaying, almost graceful, pace. I notice how the huge antlers follow every movement of his head, looking left, then right, nose high up in the air..

moving along
with the shade of the tree
summer heat

vrijdag 11 oktober 2013


It could have been either one of those perfect days we had last August.
A vast blue sky above a quiet country road, the intense green of fir tree forests, and the brightest sun ever reflecting on cornfields that stretch out beyond the horizon.

I wish I could have materialized those colors somehow, and have them stashed away for a rainy day.

lazy summer day
drawing suns
on a dusty bonnet

zondag 6 oktober 2013

summer's end

On warm days they frequently come over to sip from the bird bath, or they just stand in the water for a while to cool off. And most evenings are spent with sitting close together on top of the street lamp in front of our house, high up from the ground.
I can't tell of course, but I'd like to think it's the same couple of turtle doves that has been visiting our garden for many years now.

summer's end
kids gather
at the school gate

dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

the dad

It's not just the grades, the eagerness to learn, or the potential.
It's this and about everything else that he shares about his son's new life as a freshman that makes him genuinely glow with pride.

a boy's laughter
browsing the comics
at the bookstore