vrijdag 12 december 2014

countdown to Christmas

countdown to Christmas
humming carols
on my way to work

aftellen naar Kerst
kerstliedjes neuriƫn
op weg naar mijn werk

The haiku was written for Caribbean Kigo Kukai (2nd place CKK October 2014)

vrijdag 5 december 2014

east wind

"Thirty years", he tells us. "Thirty years I worked here as a prison warder. And when after my retirement the prison closed and eventually turned into a museum, I was asked to become a guide and share my 'know-how', as they called it. I accepted of course; why sit at home all day and watch the flowers grow?"

"Sssh...now listen", he says as we step into one of the cell block buildings. "I want you to experience the sound each prisoner heard when he first arrived here". And with a sharp and deafening click echoing through the building, the thick steel door closes behind us.

east wind
a boy tries to crack
a frozen puddle