vrijdag 17 oktober 2014

after the rains

The old farmer comes towards us and stops, then points at our hiking shoes. "You better take them off when you're going down this path." He looks over his shoulder. "It's really really wet over there. Boots barely kept my feet dry, you know." He smiles, and sighs. "I've been counting my cows. Thirty three so far."

after the rains
wild flowers speckle
the pastures

vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

if you were a child

The small farmhouse has been deserted for decades. Doors and windows have been nailed up. Trees and bushes grow wildly, and no doubt small animals and a myriad of insects and birds (and ....?) have found a shelter in there somewhere. It's a house you would run past if you were a child.
Today however a lingering fragrance of flowers invites me to take a closer look; I might even pick a few berries and enjoy the

Autumn sunset
shapes stretch
into silhouettes