donderdag 22 augustus 2013

zaterdag 17 augustus 2013


-the haiku was written in 2011 for Caribbean Kigo Kukai

maandag 12 augustus 2013

Onderstroom / Undercurrent: nu ook als e-book

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60 pagina's - 27 rengay (Nederlands, Engels). Geschreven door Bouwe Brouwer en Marleen Hulst. Ge├»llustreerd met 27 full-color foto's. Gepubliceerd in het najaar van 2012. Nu ook beschikbaar als e-book!

60 pages - 27 rengay (Dutch, English). Written by Bouwe Brouwer and Marleen Hulst. Illustrated by 27 full-color photo's. First published in the Fall of 2012. Now also available as e-book!

zaterdag 10 augustus 2013

Cheakamus Lake Trail

The narrow path bends it's way forward through the cedar forest. To my right, the tiny beaches along the south shores of Cheakamus Lake reflect in the sun.
After a while I arrive at a remote wilderness campsite, now deserted. Thin steel ropes with clips at the end hang down from a high branch, pointing out to campers where to hoist and safely store their food.
Continuing my hike, my steps immediately resume to determine the rhythmic tinkling sounds of the bear bell attached to my backpack.

visitor centre
the roaring of a grizzly
under a button

-Cheakamus Lake is located in the Garibaldi Provincial Park, near Whistler (BC, Canada)

maandag 5 augustus 2013

yesterday's paper

Again a heavy thunderstorm reminds me of camping holidays from my childhood: a wonderful 3 weeks in the Italian Alps with our frame tent. In my memory storms like these only occurred during the dark hours of the night, like they do so often here as well.
So, under the deafening sounds of torrential rains and thunder we would all get dressed and sit in the tent (ready to flee to the car, I guessed later). And while we were waiting until the worst was over, my dad did his inspection rounds to make sure everything remained dry inside. Or, when windgusts let the tent shake as if it could lift from the ground any moment, taking us and everything in it, he would pop out wearing a rain coat and holding a flash light to see if all the tent pegs were still in place.
Thinking back now I can imagine all kinds of things that could have gone wrong. But for some reason I never felt afraid then.

the smell of hay
buying yesterday's paper
in the campsite shop