woensdag 4 januari 2012


Sorting out an old box I come across my kindergarten class photo. I find myself on the front row, smiling, wearing the red and yellow colored dress I remember so well. Looking at the picture more closely I recognize the dark haired girl sitting next to me as Janine, now spouse of my colleague Jacob.
I take the photograph with me to the office the next morning, curious to see his reaction. But he starts laughing and waves the picture away, clearly refusing to face the image of the little girl who so many years later became his wife.
Bringing up your childhood like that means you are getting old, he says later.

thick snow
her steps
in his

[in 2009 verschenen op Haibun Today]

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Dag Marleen, de haiku kende ik al, het proza nog niet. Maar wat combineren ze mooi! Mooie haibun!

  2. Hi, Marleen,

    This haibun is very touching and clever.


  3. Hoi Marleen,
    Proza en haiku kende ik al, maar dan los van elkaar, geloof ik...
    Inderdaad een geweldige combinatie!
    groetjes, Ria

  4. Thank you Karol, en dank je wel Arnold, en Ria!

    kind wishes