zondag 26 augustus 2012


I never took much notice of the few hens that have been there since I remember, wandering around in our neighbor’s back garden. But this Spring morning, picking some flowers for the living room, I am suddenly moved by the remarkably pleasant sounds they make amongst eachother. That ongoing soft and delicate clucking in a variety of tones, while they spend their days in a way that once, for them, must have been predestined.

Easter brunch
apple  blossom petals
colour the table

[gepubliceerd in Blithe Spirit volume 22 #3]

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooie haibun. Het rustige Engels past bij de sfeer. Invoeldn, en met prettig dieptezicht. Jac Vroemen

  2. Wat fijn om dit te lezen Jac, bedankt voor je reactie!

  3. Dear Marleen,

    Good one, I think, this haibun is a very moving and delicate...

    Best wishes,

  4. Thank you very much Karol.

    Kind wishes, Marleen