zaterdag 24 juni 2017


It is going to be my first job interview in 28 years. After many applications -and about as many rejections, or sometimes no reaction at all- I was thrilled to get the invitation, but today my enthusiasm is clearly less. So the past days I googled for tips and things to think of. Dress formally but make sure you feel comfortable. Check the company's website and think of a few questions you can ask so you show interest. Browse through the list that covers sixty of the most asked questions during a job interview. Sit straight and look them in the eye. Don't interrupt people. Show confidence. Do this. Don't do that. The first impression is all that matters.
A close friend texts me minutes before I'm leaving. Be sure to stand out and go for it, girl! he says.
I nod at the little screen.

stormy afternoon
my elevator pitch
one more time

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