zondag 8 april 2012

The April Heights challenge, day 8

The Haiku Heights prompt for today is ´play´

old jukebox
I choose a memory
then press play

oude jukebox
ik kies een herinnering
en druk op play

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful..how lucky we are to be able to choose our meomries..without anyone being aware of it.. Well done.. I like this haiku...

  2. jukebox !! children love it... and its absolutely easy for them to press. they dont know its play

  3. Love the sound of the second one. Fun!

  4. I love this haiku. How often I have done this.

  5. Love it. This is so true. It's exactly what I do at a jukebox. Except now it takes a lot more than the five cents it cost when the song was new.

  6. Thank you for your comments everybody.

    best wishes

  7. Oh yes, many times, I have done this in the past. Nice with 3-5-3 form!
    This is my Day 8 ~~ Waiting Their Turn.