vrijdag 2 maart 2012

king crabs

My husband is glancing through some travel guides when he says: ‘Listen, one of the must-do activities in Honningsvåg is a King Crab Safari’. I can hear the excitement in his voice from the way he pronounces King Crab Safari.
‘During a spectacular three hour long excursion you will go out to sea in a Zodiac and search for the famous king crabs’, he reads out loud. ‘Afterwards a delicious crab meal is prepared.’
His index finger taps on a picture of a lady holding a giant crab above her head.
‘These monsters can reach a width of two meters and weigh as much as fifteen kilo’, he continues, as if he wants to impress me.
I study the photograph that could easily be a scene from a horror movie, and think of something to say.

waking up-
not a spider but a spot
seen through glasses

[in 2009 verschenen op Haibun Today]

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